Shameless plug Monday: This week's WorldNetDaily column on Hiroshima opinion polls, and a link to the roaming Noam

This week’s WorldNetDaily column discusses the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Specifically, I talk about some polls I read where the question asked if the bombings were “necessary.”

Polls are usually skewed, as far as the question goes, to get a desired result. An time-honored example of a question with an agenda would be “Have you stopped beating your wife… answer yes or no.” But, in these polls, it’s the word “necessary” that is bothersome. Give a read to “Enola Gay-bashing: Fat Man, Little Boy, and dumb poll.”

After that, read Noam Chomsky’s “We must act now to prevent another Hiroshima–or worse” and try to figure out exactly what he’s proposing. Sounds to me like Noam thinks that not fighting terrorism is the best way to prevent terrorism. “The cycle of attack and response could escalate” pretty much says it all.

He’s kind of right. If you’re in a fight and don’t fight back, half as many people are getting hurt. You have to love leftist logic.

Author: Doug Powers

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