Yet another politician takes your money, builds something, then names it after himself

Alaska Representative Don Young, Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, is keeping congressional tradition alive.

Of the $286.5 billion in the federal transportation bill that Congress passed last week before recess, $941 million went to Alaska. With the money, a couple of bridges will be built– one called “Don Young’s Way.” How noble.

By the way, in 2001, Don Young led the House in missed votes, skipping out on 21% of the votes. He was busy up in Alaska building bridges, no doubt. Just about the same deal in 2002.

If “Joe Sixpack” had the attendance record of much of Congress, he’d be fired. If a congressman does it, he’s rewarded with pork and a road named in his honor.

It just don’t add up…


One additional note… not to be a dead horse here, but just a reminder to buy the book!

Author: Doug Powers

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