George W. Bush pushes the myth of "government job creation" – The guy who's been hired to paint all the signs saying "Don Young's Way" doesn't care

For me, George W. Bush is like an untethered boat near a dock in a storm– he makes it real tough to climb on board sometimes.

Today, Mick Jagger’s “Sweet Neocon“, Bush, signed the $286.5 billion highway bill, one that was loaded with so much pork that it had to be delivered to the president in an Eckrich truck.

This is the disturbing part. Bush said the bill “is going to help give hundreds of thousands of Americans good paying jobs.” One has to wonder how many jobs were lost by the $286.5 billion taken out of the economy by the government– my guess is, a lot more than will be “created” by Uncle Sam.

If “government job creation” (oxymoron of the year, 75 years running) is the goal, hell, let’s just start a big war and reinstate the draft. It ended the depression, right?

People who believe that the government can create jobs are the types who would think it was logical to sell their car so they can have enough money to buy a bus ticket.

Author: Doug Powers

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