Judge John Roberts involvement in Playboy case should expedite democrat confirmation, not delay it

Some people are making a big deal that Bush’s Supreme Court nominee John Roberts once worked with his law firm on a case involving the Playboy Entertainment Group. This from Human Events:

Roberts played the role of a Supreme Court justice in a moot court setting, preparing Playboy’s lead counsel, Robert Corn-Revere, who worked in Hogan & Hartson’s communications department, for his oral argument before the Supreme Court.

Other than snickering at hearing “Playboy” and “oral” in the same sentence, what’s the big deal? If this is the best the left is coming up with– an accusation that Roberts once did work for a client of his law firm, and one failed ad campaign by a group that exposes themselves as the nattering nabobs of baby killing, NARAL— Roberts is a shoo-in.

Playboy? Come on, Dems, you can do better than that. Find something saying that Roberts did work on behalf of “Oui”, “Eager Beaver”, “Juggs”, “Skank Biker”, “Hustler”, “Black Tail”, “Swank”, or any other big time smut rag, and you might have something on him.

Dems wouldn’t expose that, however, for fear the odds are any of those publishers are major donors to the Democratic Party.

Even some conservatives got wiggy over the Playboy revelation. Look, if you’re choosing somebody for the Supreme Court, most of the time, you’re choosing from a pool of lawyers. You’d have better odds selling alcohol free beer to a Kennedy than of finding an attorney with no “questionable” clients in his or her past.


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Author: Doug Powers

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