Democrat bumper stickers, bad driver. Coincidence? Perhaps…

Today, we took the day and went out near the shore of Lake Michigan and pounded the pavement at Michigan’s Adventure Park. Good coasters, better water park, but getting there was half the funny.

When we got near the highway exit, there was a going too slow in the fast lane with a “Kerry/Edwards” bumper sticker on it, and upon passing said slowpoke (in the right lane no less) I saw a hand written “Stop the war” sign duct taped in a window.

The exit came up quickly, and the DNC-Mobile got behind me in the exit. At the road, to get to the park, you have to turn right. We had a feeling they were going to the park, because we could see towels and stuff stacked on the rear dashboard. There were two lanes on the exit– one to turn left, one to turn right. They got in the left lane.

As I turned right, my wife noticed they weren’t moving, even though there was little traffic on the road on which we were turning. The driver then turned on his right turn signal and was trying to get into the right lane, but was cutting off both lanes in the process.

Instead of turning left (which should have come naturally to this guy) and turning around, he decided to hold up everybody on the exit ramp while he figured out where he was going. Keep in mind that there are so many signs telling you where to go it’s like missing Ruby Falls and Rock City in the south.

I have no idea what happened to the man who helped Kerry carry Michigan, but I’m pretty sure he was way too busy bitching about Bush to notice the dozens of people in his rear-view mirror bitching about him.

It seemed metaphorical on so many levels… but maybe you had to be there…


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Author: Doug Powers

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