Question Cindy Sheehan needs to ask herself

One post ago, I wrote about lyrics from an Eminem song. Well, Cindy Sheehan performed an honorary version at a rally this spring.

It wasn’t really too long ago that Sheehan was kissing President Bush. Those photos were on a family website, and have since been removed.

Now, not only has Sheehan lost her son, but she’s losing much of her family as well, all thanks to leftist, antiwar, and just plain publicly pesky groups who are lionizing her, not caring that they could be helping cost her the rest of her family– not to mention at the expense of the memory and honorable service of her son.

It’s her right to be speaking out, if that’s how she really feels, but I do think there are some simple questions Cindy Sheehan needs to ask herself, not the least of which is this:

“My son was a warrior. He did that by choice, joining the military of his own freewill. Why does the left seem to love him, not to mention me, so much now that he’s dead, and were nothing but critical of him and his comrades when he was alive?”

You also have to wonder how it is that the left, who never met a tax they didn’t love, has managed to overlook the fact that Sheehan has said she’ll never pay taxes again unless she meets with Bush. Would the left defend anybody who uses these excuses to not pay taxes?

It’s so clear that Sheehan’s being duped and prodded by groups who, in fact, can’t stand her son or anybody like him. If Sheehan is going to be enraged at Bush, fine, but she should also be angry at the left and the disgusting way they’re convincing her to use her son’s casket as a soapbox.


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