Richard Doofus… I mean, Dreyfuss, gets drafted into the pinhead army

When I drew up the “Subversive Celebrity Dossier” a couple of years ago, I’ve been really regretting not having had the time to include Richard Dreyfuss.

Dreyfuss, who is your average limousine liberal, which is as hard to find in L.A. as pavement and waiters who are “between films”, attended one of the candlelight vigils in support of Cindy Sheehan, and in opposition to the war in Iraq.

At the vigil, Dreyfuss said, in his nasally whine, “Cindy Sheehan is making a starting point with the questions she is asking and it’s not unpatriotic to ask them. It’s actually a higher form of patriotism.”

A “higher form.” Of course it is. Everything the Mali-boob, California believes in is a “higher form” of something or other. They’re smart, you’re dumb. Period. Were people who were against Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Hillary, and the rest, practicing a “higher form of patriotism”? Were they practicing patriotism at all? Of course not, because we’re dumb. How do we know this? Because Hollywood says so.

But people like Dreyfuss always prove that those ivory towers are so high that there’s no oxygen up there, because Dreyfuss also made a statement concerning what made it sound as if he thinks there’s still a military draft. If I wouldn’t have heard it with my own ears I wouldn’t have believed it… okay, yes I would have:

“No one should come for my son and tell my son to go and kill someone or put himself in harm’s way unless I understand and agree to the need.”

If anybody should come for his son, it’s Child Protective Services, because idiocy is child abuse.

I’m not even going to touch the contradictions here with the Hollywood left’s abortion argument… really, I’m not. It’s tempting. Real tempting, but I’m not. Nope. Not gonna do it.

Come for your son? Excuse me, Mr. Dreyfuss, but that’s how Saddam Hussein’s “draft board”, which consisted of two guys throwing “recruits” into the back of a pickup truck at two o’clock in the morning, operated. That sort of thing is what this war that you’re so dead set against got rid of.

By the way, the only way Dreyfuss, Reiner, Asner, et al, will agree that there is “the need” for the military, will be the day Chinese tanks are rolling up Pacific Coast Highway to set up camp in every foyer in Malibu or it’s discovered that Al Qaeda has hatched a plot to hijack planes and fly them into vacuous actors.

Dreyfuss in Krippendorf’s Tribe: Actually, a “higher form” of crappy movie


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