There’s good news in the mainstream media’s love affair with Cindy Sheehan

Many folks, in an attempt to not directly criticize Cindy Sheehan (though those numbers are shrinking fast) have been blaming big media for giving her more exposure than is deserved. It is implied that the media shines the spotlight on Sheehan because the MSM is, for the most part, liberal and biased. Well duh. But there’s more to it, and for this, we should be thankful that the media is there.

Anybody who’s read my columns for any length of time knows that I’ve spent a fair amount of time poking fun of, and in some cases just plain bashing, big media. This will certainly continue in the future. For now, however, it’s important to point out the “good news” in the overexposure of the Sheehan situation.

Having worked at a television station, a network affiliate, for 13 years, I had some direct dealings and heavy involvement with “the media”. So, I tend to view the Sheehan story like a house fire. When a house burns down, it makes your nightly local news. They don’t report all the houses that didn’t burn down– just the one that did.

In other words, the homes that weren’t burning down were outnumbering the one that was a million to one. To compare that to the Sheehan story, I’d be quite concerned if Cindy Sheehan wasn’t making news, because that would mean that her position is the norm among the parents of military men and women and that the entire neighborhood was on fire.

What can I say, I’m in a “glass is half full” kind of mood tonight.


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Author: Doug Powers

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