More good news in the MSM group hug with the oft salty tongued Cindy "Dice" Sheehan

Regarding the previous post on the Mainstream Media circle-jerk in Crawford, Texas, Mr. M. wrote:

I understand what you said, but the problem is that the squeaky wheel is getting all the attention, where as the REAL American parents that have lost their child in the war are not being honored as the MSM is Cindy Sheehan. That is what is so disgusting about this media fest over her, the millions of other parents deserve
the accolades and media attention from Americans, not Cindy.

Then Splash said:

They’re both valid points. Doug’s point is less a reason to celebrate than a reason to maintain hope. Mr. Minority’s point is simply the upshot of the “bleed=lead” MSM fixation, combined with a loony left agenda.

Actually, there are a couple of reasons for optimism. There’s the one I mentioned– which is that when leftist kooks stop getting MSM headlines is the real time to worry– and, the MSM not honoring other parents who have lost kids is becoming glaringly obvious to even a casual observer, and not going unnoticed.

The MSM bias is often self-destructive. We need to look no further than Dan Rather’s adventure at CBS News for proof of that.

Something else that will drive us nuts if we let it, is our expectation of the MSM being fair by “honoring the other parents of fallen soldiers with vastly different political views than Sheehan.”

If it’s of any consolation, if there were no Cindy Sheehan, the MSM would still be ignoring those parents in question. Miracles happen, but not in the MSM.

We also shouldn’t forget that, however unfair the reporting is, there’s still something the MSM can’t skirt, and that’s the service of Ms. Sheehan’s son, who joined willingly and fought and died for something he believed in. That’s one story they can’t change, no matter how hard and Sheehan try to deflect the focus.

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