Gay "artist" fantasizes about Batman and Robin driving the wrong way through the bat cave

A New York City art gallery is featuring a display of “art” that shows Batman and Robin in homoerotic poses, including one where the Guy-namic Duo are kissing. DC Comics, creators of Batman & Robin, may get involved, due to issues of copyright, not to mention orificial, infringement of their characters.

These “artists” don’t seem concerned with copyright infringement, but I guarantee you, if you ripped off some of their stuff (not that anybody would), their thongs would be in a bunch. If you whizzed in a jar and threw in a cross, Robert Mapplethorpe would come back from the dead to slap a lawsuit on you faster than you could say “Barney Frank.”

Chances are this display won’t last long enough for the cartoon version to come out. Too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing the Guy-namic Duo battle their arch nemesis, the French Tickler.

Ever the politically correct couple, Robin asks permission first: “May I remove your utility belt?”


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Author: Doug Powers

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