Monday’s column– advice to Cindy Sheehan: Avoid those with agendas where your loved ones are worth more to them dead than alive

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily deals with the Cindy Sheehan situation. Not really with Sheehan herself, but with those who claim to be on her side.

Read “From casket to soapbox” to get my take on some of the attention whores, leftist losers and oxygen deprived celluloid-brained Hollywood wingnuts who are taking Cindy Sheehan, and her late son, under their wing, and, more importantly, why they’re doing it.

In other news…

There’s something else going on in Crawford. This’ll help the protesters at near Bush’s ranch shed the label of “stinkin’ hippies with no jobs”… Joan Biaz is performing there. I wonder when Country Joe McDonald and Arlo Guthrie will show up to lead a singalong of “Alice’s Restaurant.”

Joan Biaz, and many of her friends, have managed to milk the Vietnam era like it’s an overproductive dairy cow.

Also, the Rolling Stones got through the first date of their tour in support of the new album, which I think is called “Sticky, Arthritic Fingers”, without breaking anything. Keith Richards is still surprisingly energetic for somebody who passed away in 1986.


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