Alec Baldwin wins PETA award for anti-meat ad — still can't explain how he's getting fat on just salad

One of the original inspirations for my writing career in the “early days” was Alec Baldwin. I owe the guy a lot, and it’s good to see him getting praise from his peers.

Alec will receive PETA’s Linda McCartney Memorial Award on September 10th, mostly in appreciation for a promotional piece he did called “Meet your meat” — which is, perhaps only coincidentally, also the title of a Jocelyn Elders instructional video for horny teenage boys.

Since I first wrote about Alec in 2002, in “The good, the bad, and the Baldwin“, I knew he had what it took to get an award whose previous winners include Pamela Anderson– PETA figured it couldn’t hurt to throw one more over-inflated boob on the pile.

Alec’s political activism was so good that it later inspired me to write “Yankee Doodle Doofus“, outlining his plan to build a new Yankee stadium on the site where the World Trade Centers once stood, for which I suggested calling “The House that Thorazine Built” in honor of Alec.

And of course there’s the ongoing project of “PETAB”, the “People for the Ethical Treatment of Alec Baldwin” organization that I started a few years back.

I like Alec, and the reason is best worded in a previous column:

“I’m not here to ridicule and pick on the man whose synapse fire up less frequently than the Olympic torch. I’m here to thank him. Without the Alec Baldwin’s of the world we’d never know the true feelings of the far left. The crafty among the left wing are bright enough to conceal their true motives, but Baldwin just lets it fly unabashedly, like a bank robber who’s not afraid to take off his ski mask and look directly into the security camera. I like that in a person.”

Congratulations, Alec!


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