Had Pat Robertson called for the assassination of Bush, he’d be taking less heat from the liberal media

The Reverend Pat Robertson, on his “700 Club” program, said that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez should be “taken out.” The media freaked. How could he say that? Robertson’s a Christian! Thou shalt not kill and all…

Now, Robertson is backing away, just a tad, from the comment, saying that he could have meant that he was calling for Chavez to be kidnapped. Or, by “taken out”, perhaps he was referring to dinner and a movie.

The media jumped all over the story, but I’ve heard leftists in the United States suggest, or simply come right out and say, that President Bush should be “taken out.” Of course, I’ve never read about that in the mainstream media, because that’s not a story. It’s not hate until a Christian Conservative says it. When the radical left says something similar, in a domestic sense no less, that’s “free speech.”

Oh, not like I needed to point this out, but, of course, Jesse Jackson’s involved. Jackson called on the Federal Communications Commission to investigate the comments– which the FCC will do, just as soon as they finally finish staring at Janet Jackson’s tit.

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Author: Doug Powers

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