Vermin on the mount – Al Sharpton to legitimize Sheehan protest

The Reverend Al Sharpton has announced that the antiwar protest in Crawford, Texas has finally gained the focus of enough television cameras to satisfy the demand in Sharpton’s contract rider.

In light of that, down to Crawford he goes, more than likely with Tawana Brawley in tow so, just in case the Sheehan thing’s a failure, Al can slap her around and then accuse white Texans of violent racism so the trip’s not a total waste.

Crawford’s now attracting more weasels than an open-air chicken coop, and it won’t let up until Bush leaves for D.C., and Sheehan’s bus caravan hits the road.

One other thing that’s becoming an annoyance– how is Cindy Sheehan a “peace mom”? She’s gained that title for some reason. Perhaps she’s a “peace woman”, but she’s no “peace mom”. Sheehan raised a son who– gulp— joined the military and was off killing people before his own unfortunate death.

“Peace mom”? Bullshit. Phil Donohue’s mother? That’s a “peace mom”.


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Author: Doug Powers

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