Jane Fonda's "pathetic old hippie" bus tour rolling to your town soon

Jane Fonda’s hitting the road in early September to “protest the war, but show support for the troops.” This will mark the second time Fonda has supported the troops, the first being in the early 70’s when she boosted the morale of the North Vietnamese Army.

Accompanying Fonda will be the anti-war, pro Palestine member of British Parliament, George Galloway. Hopefully Galloway gets a turn at the wheel of the bus, since driving down the wrong side of the road would be the perfect metaphor for the idealism behind the tour.

The bus tour will stop only for speeches, and to fill up the tank and further enrich Halliburton. Actually, the bus is billed as “bio friendly”, which means the pollution won’t be spewed by the bus, but rather it’s occupants.

The last time I saw Jane Fonda interviewed was on Chris Matthews’ on “Hardball” a few weeks ago. I have a few observations about that interview: The face looked worked on, the boobs looked too big to be real, the makeup looked too thick, and the opinions were radical mumbo-jumbo – but enough about Matthews.


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Author: Doug Powers

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