A military mom weighs in with a view opposing the letters in the previous post

Today’s column, “U.S. Military: The few, the proud, the stupid” certainly has generated a bunch of mail from both ends of the spectrum. In response to the letters on the previous post, forget about my opinion… here’s a letter from Karen, a mom who seems to have a direct vested interest in all this:

It is so frustrating to me to watch the 24/7 coverage of the peaceniks knowing “there are more with us than are with them”. I sent a donation(pitifully small but all I could afford) to Move America Forward’s “You Dont Speak for Me, Cindy” tour. Even our local news crews did a shoddy job of reporting. There were 2000 people by Melanie Morgan’s report there insupport of our troops and our President! By watching media coverage, youwould think there were a dozen or so. BUT we were treated to endless sound bytes of Rev. Sharpton. My son is a Corporal, USMC, leaving for hissecond deployment to the Sand. Makes me so MAD!

Thanks Karen. Nice to know that I’m not the only one the Bushies have brainwashed. Give your son all our best, and a heartfelt thank you.
By the way, from what I’ve heard from many who were offended by the column, the people serving in the military aren’t “stupid”, but rather “naive”… tell me the difference and win a prize.

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