More satisfied customers – You can’t support the troops if you never served?

Lots of email today, much of it good, some of it critical. That’s the way it goes, and I appreciate all of them, but here are a couple of the critical ones.

This first one makes no sense… but just to give you an idea of the kind of stuff I put up with…

Michael N., I’m guessing, didn’t take the time to read the entire column on how the left is insulting to the U.S. military. He decided to not cast his anger on the left who thinks current and former members of the military, such as he claims to be, are morons, but the problem is with us regular people who never served:

I guess you have a great military resume, huh, Doug? Twist and attack the messengers, that’s all you who have drank the bush kool aid can do or more likely, those who have been paid off to attack true patriots.

How about an arguement to support the quagmire? None currently available, oh yeah, others must die to support the mission because others have already died….the latest reason. Until you can find another one, attack anyone who dissents as
unpatriotic. “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” according to Thomas Jefferson.

As a Vietnam veteran, who was raised on John Wayne war movies, (note that he never served either), your contention that young troops who enlisted to support a “no-bull cause” are stupid is correct. It only took me a short time in a war zone, however, to discover that our country is run by corporate elitists (who obviously pay your way) who make billions of dollars of war profits from taxpayers misery.

How many in your family have enlisted? How many in your family have died in Iraq for the neo cons? Were you ever in a war zone fighting to fill the coffers of war corporations? Where is the 9 billion dollars lost by halliburton……is that the blood money that helps pay bush administration shills like you?

A=attack ads
W=wrong-headed warmonger
O=oil profits and control
L=lies, lies, and
more lies

Enlist or Resist!

Sorry, then, Michael, for pointing out that what Cindy Sheehan and her puppeteers are saying or hinting at through their actions– which is that the average member of the U.S. military is stupid. I simply pointed out that this is totally false and patently insulting to the soldiers.

What I wrote was not a comment on the war, but a defense of the intellect and maturity of the U.S. military, which is currently under attack in Crawford, and soon on bus tours. You’ve proven that there are exceptions to my point, however, and for that, I thank you.

Also, “enlist or resist”? I don’t get it. If I’m not a member of the military, then I have no right to support their missions, only to resist and protest them? Oh man… I hope it’s meds day…

Quick update… Just got this reply from Michael. I’m posting just the first couple of sentences, since you get the point by now:

Yes, I read the column! Are you aware of what our country stands for? Part is the ability to question and dissent the policies. Because Sheehan is dissenting the policies, you are attacking her, what sense does that make?

Well, apparently this country doesn’t stand for my right to question the dissenters. Hey, how come it’s “patriotic” to criticize Bush policies, but when I criticized Clinton’s policies, people like you considered me anything but patriotic?

Besides, I’m not attacking Sheehan, I’m defending those she’s insulting– the soldiers. When Cindy Sheehan’s own words are quoted, and you consider the use of her own words as “attacking” her, you’ve got a problem.

Ken M. from Pensacola follows with this:

I was in Vietnam and carried dead and dying back to hospitals. Too bad Mrs Sheehan wasn’t there to tell us what a stupid conflict the government got us into over another lie called the Gulf of Tonkin.

No, you guys in Vietnam didn’t need Cindy Sheehan, because you had her predecessor, Jane Fonda. That worked out well for you guys, didn’t it Ken?

Coincidentally, Rich Lowrey has a good piece in National Review where he discusses the much used “Chicken-hawk” label.

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