Plugging Monday's column, and thoughts and prayers for those stuck in New Orleans and other areas

At what the media and Cindy Sheehan calls “Camp Casey” near Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, which I’ve dubbed as “Yasgur’s Farm south” because of all the drifters, professional protesters, and folk music has-beens who don’t know Woodstock’s over, members of the U.S. Military continue to have their collective intelligence insulted.

How and why is this happening? Read “The U.S. Military: The few, the proud, the stupid”

In other news, I can’t believe how many people in New Orleans and surrounding areas I’ve heard interviewed who are going to “ride out the hurricane.” The reason is usually because they have cats and dogs. This is uber-stupid, especially for those in New Orleans.

If I hear one more reporter or anchor say “this could be the doomsday scenario”, my foot’s going through the TV.

Geraldo, mentioned a couple of posts below this one, was on FOX News acting as if he was auditioning for the part of the reporter in “Armageddon II.”

After this thing’s over, hopefully it will be shown that, though the hurricane was nasty, the most blowing air came from the mouths of reporters.


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