Sheehan & Friends to protest Blue Angels show in Maine – “Nurse Ratchet, white courtesy phone…”

“Veterans for Peace: Because a mind is a terrible thing to lose”

The peace movement these days has become a leftist clown college, training all current and future protesters to make complete asses of themselves. The Veterans for Peace, Maine chapter, with a special appearance by Cindy Sheehan, is planning to don the big red shoes, cram 50 of them into a tiny car, and go off to squirt their lapel flower into the face of attendees at the Blue Angels show at the Brunswick Naval Air Station. The Blue Angels show? Whuh…?

The theme of the protest is “Stop the Gods of War!” They were going to use “Hey, look at us!” in a temporary fit of honesty, but decided against it.

It’s really getting sad now. Cindy Sheehan is being passed from liberal to liberal like a bong at Willie Nelson’s birthday party. They don’t know when to stop. They’ve become politics’ answer to “this is Spinal Tap”… a joke that they don’t recognize, namely because they are the punchline.

Protesters departing Crawford for the long drive to the Brunswick Naval Air Station in Maine

The “Gods of war” perform maneuvers that could only be accomplished by evil deity with an agenda of greed and violence, and must be stopped. By the way, if you unscramble the letters in “Halliburton”, you get “Blu Anriltoh”. Close enough for us!


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