Impeach Bush over illegal aliens?

Conservatives are getting ancy over illegal aliens and taking it out on Bush, at some levels, rightly so. Pat Buchanan has written recently that President Bush should be impeached over his inability, or unwillingness, to do anything about the illegal alien debacle, and now Joseph Farah has joined his call.
Perhaps President Bush isn’t as traumatized, since he’s from Texas and was surrounded by far more illegals than those of us in the more northern states. I mean, there’s a reason he speaks fluent spanish.

Bush then raised the rankles of people who recognize what a disaster our border policies are when Bush called the “Minutemen” private American border patrol group “vigilantes“. Fact is, there wouldn’t be a Minuteman group if there wasn’t the need for them. Besides, don’t they always tell us it’s our duty to report a crime when we witness one? How is the breaking of immigration laws any different?

Buchanan, Farah, and the growing number of others who are calling for the impeachment of Bush, which would play right into the hands of the left, are writing this because they think it would be the only way to make the point to Bush. That point being that illegal immigration won’t be tolerated, and it’s the president’s duty to enforce the laws, and Bush isn’t enforcing the laws at the border.

Impeaching a wartime president would do more irreparable harm than good, but calling for it does held draw more attention to the issue at hand, not to mention creates a column title that generates controversy, not to mention readership.

I certainly understand their points, though. A country without a border isn’t a country, and the way illegals are pouring across the border like Chivas over Kennedy lips is an inexcusable dereliction of duty on the part of all the federal government.

Impeachment aside, if any politician refuses to act on this matter, we the regular schmucks in this country have the power to impeach them by simply voting them out of office.

As it concerns Bush, we have to choose our battles. Focus on the war we’re involved in, or bog down in impeachment proceedings because of lax border control while losing focus on the former. No, not now, Pat and Joseph. One war at a time, please.


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Author: Doug Powers

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