Bill Clinton’s Willey prepares for yet another release

The woman who said that Bill Clinton groped her in the Oval Office, Kathleen Willey, is going to release a book criticizing Hillary for not defending women who have stepped forward with sexual abuse claims against her husband.

Willey, now “Willey-Schwicker” (which is, coincidentally, also Bubba’s pet name for a condom) said:

“Hillary Clinton champions herself for female workers’ rights and for women, but she doesn’t. She didn’t support the women involved in all of Clinton’s messes.”

That’s because your rights end where Hillary’s power begins.

Hillary and Bill are like conjoined twins sharing, albeit begrudgingly, the same heart. If one dies, the other dies, in a political sense. There was no way Hillary was about to let some Razorback trollops get in the way of her ascension to the golden throne by driving a wooden stake through the heart, and zipper, of Hillary’s “relationship” with her husband.

Willey-Schwicker (nope, I still can’t write that without laughing, but I’m trying) has an angle of attack that is different than some of Bill’s previous offendees, such as Paula Jones, et all, because she goes after Hillary directly. Maybe Kathleen senses that there is nothing that the public can further hear about Bill that will surprise them, plus, Hillary’s running soon, and that won’t be bad for business either.

Paula Jones’ attorney describes what her client saw that day: “Back, and to the left… back, and to the left… back, and to the left…”


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Author: Doug Powers

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