Monday’s column: DeLay of game — Nailing “The Hammer” won’t help Dems, and getting rid of him for no reason won’t help GOP

Today’s WorldNetDaily column, “Knocking themselves out swinging ‘The Hammer’” wonders aloud if the indicted Tom DeLay is more of a Democrat distraction, than a Republican liability.

Most Dems, and many Republicans for that matter, would much prefer DeLay just go away. Democrats think the departure of DeLay would help them politically (it won’t, but read the column to find out why), and Republicans are sick of the finger-pointing DeLay gets. Should he resign or be forced out by his own people? Not if he’s not guilty, and so far we’ve seen nothing but empty accusations from partisan hacks.

For a slightly differing Republican view, the column right next to mine on the commentary page of WorldNetDaily belongs to Pat Buchanan. Pat clearly thinks that DeLay is a drag to the Republicans, and should… well, I don’t know what Pat thinks he should do. Resign, I guess.

If the charges against DeLay are true, then I have very little pity for a crooked politician. With DeLay, not to mention others, it’s important for Republicans to not become carried away with the allegations themselves and wait for proof. The GOP, from Bush on down, has an occasional wimpy tendency to attempt to rid themselves of Dem criticism by placating them. This has to stop, or they can kiss their majority bye-bye.

GOPers wanting to get rid of DeLay simply because he’s a lightning rod for Democrat finger-pointing and rogue partisan prosecutors are doing their party no favors. They shouldn’t give in to that sort of intimidation for the same reason you don’t pay off terrorists– if you do it, all you end up with is more of it.

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Author: Doug Powers

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