Harriet Miers: ?

George W. Bush has, of course, nominated Harriet Miers to fill Sandra Day O’Connor’s seat on the Supreme Court.

Miers has been a Bush loyalist for many years, prompting many Democrats to accuse Bush of “cronyism”, promoting only friends to high positions. The sillyness of this argument is best highlighted with sillyness– Scott Ott over at Scrappleface has a spoof story called “Bush fails to pick stranger for Supreme Court“. That’s true… nominating unknowns is how we ended up with Bush’s father picking David Souter, who has been a disaster by conservative standards.

In addition to those throwing around the “cronyism” charge, we can add to the pile minions of conservatives who are enraged that Bush seems to be trying to avoid a fight with Democrats by picking somebody “safe”– a lawyer who’s never been a judge, and therefore has no paper trail of judicial opinions.

Disturbing as well to conservatives is that Miers apparently has donated money in the past to Democrats including Al Gore and Lloyd Bentsen. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid’s first words after learning of Miers’ nomination were, “I like her.” Reid also reportedly told Cheney and Andy Card that Miers would be an excellent choice. This, understandably, has many conservatives saying, “uh oh.”

Will Miers please conservatives with her judicial rulings from the bench of the Supreme Court? The only way to be sure is to trust that Bush knows exactly what he’s doing and how his friend of many years will rule.

It would appear that what he’s doing at the moment is rolling the dice. Where they land is anybody’s guess. If it’s not a “7”, Bush is in for some even harsher words from the Republican base, but fortunately for Dubya, they’ll be quacking at a lame duck.

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Author: Doug Powers

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