"From si to shining si": Exclusive border report from a Texas Minuteman

Ken M., a longtime reader of my column, also happens to be working with the Minuteman project in Texas where he’s helping spot illegals crossing the border. Ken’s graciously accepted my offer to write a brief note every once in a while to update us on the progress of the program. Here’s his first report, which we’ll entitle “Catch me if you Ken”:

Monday Oct 3, I spent as my first full day with the Texas Minutemen in the Fabens, TX area approx. 35 miles east of El Paso. Most of the day was spent in getting issued photo ID badges and being briefed.

In mid-afternoon, a group of four of us were taken on a “tour” of the area in which we will be posted. Our guide took us to a spot 1/4 mile north of the Rio Grande and 1/4 mile west of the Fabens Port of Entry which is manned by customs and Border Patrol agents. Bob, our guide, was pointing out the signs of repeated foot traffic at this particular point; cast off clothing items, footprints, and a well-worn trail coming over the river levee. So well worn it looked more like a cattle trail than anything else. Keep in mind that this site is close to and within line-of-sight of the port of entry. At any rate, Bob was pointing out that this is a real hot-spot for all sorts of illegal traffic, when danged if four or five heads didn’t pop up on the other side of the levee!

One guy came half-way to the top and was shouting and waving at us from all of 75 feet away. Bob is on his cell phone calling the Border Patrol and within a minute, two BP vehicles are smokin’ along the top of the levee, one from the east and the other from the west to catch these guys between them. We found out later that the reason for the hollering and gesticulating was not to taunt us, as we originally thought.

When these guys stuck their heads up over the levee (reminded me of the game “Whack-a-Mole”) and saw a 4X4 Suburban and two pick-ups sitting there, they thought we were their transportation! I can’t wait to get back out there this weekend!

As an aside, we have a distinct advantage over the other states where Minutemen have been active. The area we’re involved in is all private property, mostly vast areas of cotton fields. The farmers love us being there and have promised to prosecute any trespassers, namely the ACLU.

Due to this factor, the ACLU and any other agitators, have been almost completely thwarted. This fact and the fact that the El Paso Sheriff’s Dept. is 100% with us has spared us the harrasment others have suffered.

If the ACLU continues to be a problem to any of you Minutemen down there, a strategy of “pick up and drop off” needs to be employed. Pick up illegals at the border, and follow home the ACLU people and drop ’em off at their houses. They care about them so much, they’ll no doubt provide a ‘hot and a cot’ for them. Uh huh… “Civil liberties” would take a quick holiday, that’s for sure.

Thanks, Ken!

The best part of the ACLU is their lips, the worst part is they’re nuts

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