T-Shirts I’d like to see

Here’s something to think about over the weekend. While out and about today, I was near the state capitol where one of the daily protest rallies was underway concerning whatever the issue du jour was. I saw a number of people wearing t-shirts with sayings and pictures on them. They were everything from funny, to political, to pathetic.

Protest rallies are always a good place for somebody who’s a fan of t-shirt slogans.

They weren’t all political. In fact, my favorite was “667: Neighbor of the Beast”, followed closely by “The sports team from my town is superior to the sports team from your town”. There were also a few sporting various political messages, including a very hefty woman telling us to “Keep your laws off my body” (she’ll be fine as long as “laws” don’t decide to disguise themselves as cheeseburgers and pizza).

I’m not very politically active with my clothing. I have some T’s that are more corporate billboards than anything. “Hard Rock Cafe – Chicago” is the shirt I wear to mow the lawn. I have a Pink Floyd shirt I wear when I want people to pity an almost-40-year-old with thinning hair, and I have a couple of shirts advertising mid-Michigan’s favorite Class-A minor league baseball team, the Lansing Lugnuts.

I figured it’s time to get political in my shirtwear, which I’ll do so long as somebody out there can design any of the following suggestions:

“Bush crony”

“Hillary says: ‘If abortions are outlawed, only outlaws will be allowed to screw around with my husband'”

“In Michael Newdow we trust”

“Free the documents in Sandy Berger’s pants”

Something along those lines… Feel free to add your ideas to the list in the comments.

Designing my shirts sounds like a job for Super Bitch! Her folks must be so proud…


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Author: Doug Powers

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