“As The Jihad Turns”: Saudi Arabian anti-terror TV show facing critics, fans of hot virgins

A television show broadcast by the Saudi-owned and Dubai-based Middle East Broadcasting Corporation is under the gun, knife, and bomb, by many in the region.

The program is called “Al-Hour Al-Ayn,” which is Arabic for “Beautiful Maidens.”

Al-Hour Al-Ayn tells the story of Arabs living in residential compounds in Saudi Arabia and the militant Islamists who want to blow them up so they can collect their rewards in heaven, which is said to be 72 virgins.

The Hollywood translation of “Al-Hour Al-Ayn” is “two women and one man living in an apartment above a stuffy landlord, and a wacky neighbor”.

The show’s message is that terrorism is giving Islam a bad name. Critics of the show disagree that terrorism is a problem among Islamic extremists, and if the show isn’t cancelled, the TV station will be blown up as proof of radical Islam’s stance against people who incorrectly portray them as violent.

What’s up with the Middle East? “Beautiful Maidens”? “72 virgins”? These people are just begging for a Hooters franchise in Riyadh and don’t even know it, aren’t they?

The Middle East is the most sexually repressed place on the planet, where anything and everything sexual is discouraged via laws and violence, but yet the people who write those strict “if you’re a pervert you die” rules embrace an entire belief system that has as its stated goal to get in the pants of Suzie Tightjeans and also deflower her 71 young friends.

No wonder it’s so mixed up over there.

“Al-Hour Al-Ayn” can’t hold a candle to the Middle East’s top rated program, “Anti-American Idol”, above


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Author: Doug Powers

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