From the Daily Times: "French bashing alive in well in parts of America" — Only "parts"?

The rest of the world seems to find the United States intolerant of France. Even corporate America has been piling on, accidentally, according to the company.

Recently, the Subway sandwich chain ran an ad in ten states (eleven if you count the state of “shock” in France). The ad, left, which has since been pulled, for Subway’s cordon bleu sandwich, said “France and chicken: Somehow it goes together.”

The above linked article, referencing, and in some cases just whining about, America’s nasty attitude toward France, highlights that some think the United States’ attitude is “racist”. I had no idea “French” was a “race” (at least not until the bugler blows “retreat”… there I go again).

A Subway spokesperson said that the ad was simply highlighting the perfect match of French cuisine and Subway chicken. The French aren’t buying that, or any other American joking.

“Saying that the French are dirty or cowards is a little bit like saying the sky is blue. Nobody is going to contest it,” said Denis Chazelle, a long-time French resident of the Washington area who created a web site in March to try and dispell misconceptions about his native country and who led the campaign against the Subway ads.

“I think (French bashing) is worse now than it was two years ago because, although it’s not as relentless as it was, it has become a lot more accepted and part of the landscape,” he added.

Chazelle said had Subway run an ad campaign targetting Mexicans, Israelis or Italians, it would have faced a boycott and management heads would have rolled.

Okay, okay, it’s time to stop the hate and extend an olive branch. This is getting ridiculous.

To show our solidarity, I’m calling on all Americans to fly the French flag right alongside Old Glory this coming weekend. If you don’t have a French flag, here’s the proper way to make and fly one:


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