Monday's column: Miers, Bush, Dems, conservative pundits star in "Cronies, cronies everywhere"

George W. Bush has, of course, charged with “cronyism” by nominating his personal lawyer for the open seat on the Supreme Court. Most of the fur is flying from Bush’s own end of the field, among conservative pundits and some politicians.

What is quite clear, however, is that there are some who are accusing Bush of cronyism who appear to be, in fact, simply angered that Bush didn’t practice the “right kind” of cronyism. Is that why they’re mad? Today’s WorldNetDaily column, “Cronies, cronies everywhere“, tries to answer that question.

Try and read it right away, and don’t put it off ’til later. Pat Robertson says the 2nd Coming could be near, so there may not be a “later”, Sparky!

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Author: Doug Powers

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