Happy 30th Anniversary, Bill and Hillary!

October 11, 1975, two lovebirds were wed, and the soul mates went on to do great things while maintaining a loving, passionate marriage.

In a church just up the road from that couple, Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham were taking vows to form a convenient political alliance. Legend has it that it was the first marriage to be consummated from separate rooms.

By the way, October 11, 1975 is the date of Bill and Hillary’s marriage, but it is also the anniversary of the first Saturday Night Live. This provided us with 30 years worth of skits, monologues, laughs, and political slapstick that is still going strong– so is SNL.

They’ve been through a lot together, from the early days when Hillary discovered that Bill, ever the engaging conversationalist, liked to talk during sex– resulting in Hillary fielding many awkward late-night phone calls from her new husband– to recent times when Bill’s heart problems have brought them much closer– sometimes to within several miles.

It’s been an interesting journey, and we’ve been along for the ride…
Ah, to be young again.

In earlier, happier, less stressful times…

Everything was looking up…

Humor is the key to keeping a marriage together…

That Bill…what a card!

But then…

Inevitably, the telltale warning signs of unfaithfulness began to surface. Unfortunately for Bill, “fear” isn’t the only thing dogs can smell.

This was followed by full-blown, er, “total”, public disaster. Hillary was in shock after she got up one morning and saw newspaper headlines and the covers of every newsmagazine in the nation:

The stress got to everybody involved.

Some ate:

Some lost sleep:

And some sought spiritual guidance and renewal:

What does the future hold? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Happy Anniversary, Bill and Hill!


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