China one step closer to its goal of becoming the first nation to put dissidents on Pluto

The “Shenzhou 6” capsule is now in orbit. Carrying two Chinese astronauts, the mission is expected to last up to five days and the blastoff was carried live on Chinese state television.

Only two years ago, China became the third nation to launch humans into outer space. Addressing global concerns, China has said that its space aspirations are strictly peaceful and they stand against deploying weapons there– besides, they don’t need a Star Wars style program just to whack Taiwan, since a good Howitzer should do the trick.

My prediction is that within 20 years, China becomes the first nation to put dissidents on Pluto. No need for another messy Tiananmen Square public relations nightmare– just load ’em up, and blast ’em off. No muss, no fuss, and no nasty publicity.

The Shenzhou 6 in orbit


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