Like white on Rice: The coming racist attacks on candidate Condi

Thanks to Dick Morris’s new book, “Condi vs. Hillary, the next great presidential race“, the talk of an all-female presidential race is heating up.

Dick Morris, ex-Clinton adviser and political strategist, who is best remembered by some for playing the oral version of “this little piggy went to market” with a hooker while on the phone mumbling something to the president about Bosnia, is certain that Condoleezza Rice is the only person who has a chance to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2008. Rice may even be the next Eisenhower, says Morris. Just substitute a piano for the golf bag.

For now, there’s one reason why I’d like to see this– it would eliminate the “sexual bias” factor from being argued ad nauseum. There would be no “oh, they only voted for so-and-so because they’re afraid of a woman with power!”

The sexually liberated will laud two female candidates, and old fashioned sexist pigs will at least appreciate there being two less women drivers during the campaigns. Strategically, it’s a win/win.

Morris also thinks that Condi is the only person who could steal the black vote from Hillary. It may do that– but only if people pay attention to how Rice will be treated by the left– the traditional “friends of all minorities”, who will be trashing Rice for being nothing more than a black conservative.

That’s right, Condoleezza Rice, should she run, is in for more racist abuse than a black kid trying to hitch a ride from George Wallace so he can make it on time to his Econ class at the University of Alabama.

What makes me say this? Simple. Recent history.

It started back when Rice was made National Security Advisor, and accelerated when she was nominated to be Secretary of State. The vile racism from those who have made their living telling minorities how much they love them, was nothing short of amazing. One white radio host called Rice an “Aunt Jemima,” and Colin Powell an “Uncle Tom.” There were several cartoons – by white liberals no less – which depicted Rice as some sort of plantation slave, exaggerating features in the vein of 19th and early 20th century racist “art.”

Other cartoons had Rice speaking in a language like any stereotypical, scarf on the head, shuffling down the street Mammy you’d find in “Gone With The Wind,” and Bush treating her like Lester Maddox talking to a shoeshine kid in Savannah. Bush even referred to her as “brown sugar” in one Doonesbury cartoon.

Notice that neither does Rice speak that way, nor has Bush ever said any such thing. Then why do these people say, write and draw those things? Because that’s how they view blacks, and that’s how they treat them. You can fool some people, but you can’t fool Mr. Freud and his slip.

The Rice critique was accompanied by the bashing of Colin Powell by Harry Belafonte, who accused Powell of “selling out his race” and said that any black who serves in the Bush administration is a “black tryant.”

Belafonte made a name for himself “singin’ for da man” and he has the gall to accuse Colin Powell and Condi Rice of Uncle Tomming their way to the top? True, Powell and Rice only achieved some of the nation’s highest offices and met with some of the world’s most powerful people. They haven’t defiantly broken the stereotypical mold like Belafonte and gone into the entertainment business. Maybe someday, Powell and Rice will go a step further and decide to really break free of whitey’s grip by taking up tap dancing and shoe shining.

What is it about intelligent and powerful minorities (who are non-Democrats) that makes these white liberals and black puppets of same shove them into the back of the ridicule bus for a long ride back to the Jim Crow era? Why are these progressive thinkers, supposed protectors of civil rights who show tremendous concern for the feelings of minorities, all of a sudden acting as if they’re channeling Al Jolson?

The truth is that in Condoleezza Rice, the left sees their own failings – a failure to keep minorities where they belong: Quiet and voting Democrat.

Previous attacks on Condi are nothing in comparison to what the future may hold. If Condoleezza Rice runs for President, we’re going to see a racist response to her from the left, the likes of which this nation hasn’t seen since Senator Byrd retired his Kleagle hat to the fireplace mantle.

What’s more amazing is that it will be tolerated by black “leadership”, and quietly allowed to pass unnoticed by white liberals who aren’t active participants. Just wait and see.

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Author: Doug Powers

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