It takes a faker to spot a faker: Bush’s “staged” teleconference vs. media’s staged everything

Bush haters are all over themselves today, in more ways than one, since it was reported that a Bush teleconference with soldiers in Tikrit, Iraq was “staged”.

As it looks from here, none of the soldiers were told what to say, but yet the blogosphere and newspaper editorialists are foaming at the mouth, claiming the soldiers were simply Bush’s “puppets” used to spout Administration propaganda.

All you need to do is check the liberal bloggers over at the Huffington Post, operated by the Gabor sister from Hades, Arianna Huffington, and you’ll get an idea of the gross misrepresentation of the facts.

Television network news is also reporting this non-story with giddy reckless abandon. Yes, the White House was so concerned about any of this “preparation” getting out that they left the cameras on the whole time they were readying the soldiers for the conference.

Here are guys, thousands of miles from home, who are about to speak with the President of the United States. No doubt they’re nervous, and a little rehearsal of who hands the mic to who and an answers what questions would make them a bit more comfortable under the circumstances.

Many of the bloggers I’ve read claiming “shock” over this thing are from the culture of Hollywood– a breed of people who won’t take a leak without proper blocking and dress rehearsal first.

As for the news media, they’ll continue to voice concern over this “staged” television event– but only if their teleprompters order them to say that.

One way to tell that the Bush teleconference wasn’t “staged” by Karl Rove is that not a single soldier referred to the liberal media as “blithering numbnuts”, Ted Kennedy as a “Chivas inflated gasbag”, or 90% of the Huffington Post bloggers as “playing first-chair snivelhorn with Martin Sheen and his All Bohemian Orchestra”


Speaking of “staged” news events, how about this morning’s report on the NBC’s “Today” show by Michelle Kosinski. She was trying to convey to viewers exactly how nasty the flooding in Wayne, New Jersey had gotten, due to days of torrential rainfall, that she filed her deep-water report from a canoe… when a couple of guys walked by, showing that the water was only ankle deep.

Either the Today show staged this “deep water”, or they were lucky enough to have their cameras rolling as Jesus and his brother walked by


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Author: Doug Powers

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