Monday’s column: Candidate Condi would cause Dems to ratchet up the “Uncle Tom’s brown Rice” treatment

My column today over at WorldNetDaily takes Dick Morris’ prediction and runs with it.

Morris thinks that the only person who can defeat Hillary Clinton in ’08 is Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Would Rice be up to, and accept, the challenge? Not according to Rice, but it’s fun to speculate once in a while.

But what if Rice does run? If so, as I begin the column, “she is in for more ill treatment than a black kid who’s late for his Econ class at the University of Alabama trying to hitch a ride from George Wallace – and the abuse will not come from where we’ve been taught racism lives.”

Give a read to “Like white on Rice” for more on the past, present, and future racism from the side of the aisle that has staked a claim on civil rights and racial and sexual acceptance.

Freep’d: Somebody has posted the column at Free Republic. Mixed reactions to Condi running from the Freepers.

If there’s not enough humor in that column to suit you on a Monday morning, try this story: Ted Kennedy assists in a water rescue. I refuse to crack any jokes about that. Really, I’m not. You can, but I won’t.

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Author: Doug Powers

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