Opening up the ol' mailbag full of comments on the Rice vs. Hillary column

Today’s WorldNetDaily column, “Like white on Rice“, has brought in a few letters of interest so far today.

Fred P. from N. Carolina sounds marginally unhappy with minority leadership ability in this country:

How many cities in the USA are headed by black Mayors and are solvent? How many states are headed by black Governors and are solvent? How many countries are headed by black Leaders and are solvent? You probably don’t know the answer to these questions because to ask them signals racism on the horizon.

We became the greatest country on the face of the earth without any black leaders in government and all of a sudden we simply can’t live without them. Well since we seem to be headed for third world status as a country maybe a black leader is appropriate.

I’m sure you consider all of the above racists and you know what I don’t care but when I die they can put on my tombstone “Here lies a SOB that never voted for a black when qualified whites were available.”

Problem is, Fred, it’s not the color of the leader, it’s the ideology. Liberalism is the problem, whether it’s operator is black or white. If Condoleezza Rice, or even JC Watts, ran against any white Democrat, I’d vote for Watts or Rice all day and twice on Sunday.

Richard B. weighs in:

The Secretary of State is not going to run for President. On one of the Sunday talk shows, she was shown a draft Condi campaign, to which she demurred, saying that she’s going to return to Stanford to teach.

Even though the questioner pressed her claiming that some Republicans–you?–think that only she can defeat Hillary, she stood her ground–she’s off to Stanford in ’08.

Considering that she hasn’t ever held any elected office, and that her temperment is more for academics than partisan politics that say, a Clinton or a Bush must tolerate, there isn’t going to be a Rice on the Republican ticket.

It’s tough to envision somebody of Rice’s potential actually eliminating possibilities by claiming she’s certain what she’ll be doing in a few years. If you would have asked her six years ago what she’d be doing in 2005, would she have answered, “I’ll be Secretary of State”?.

John M. wonders how Harry Belafonte got to be so vicious toward conservative blacks, and has a good a theory as any I’ve heard:

When I was a young boy, my dad went through a stage where he really enjoyed Calypso music, and so I heard a good deal of Harry Belafonte and his music of the early sixties. Because much of what he sang was a then modern rendition of some pretty old island songs, many of them dealt with the disparity between whites and blacks in the islands.

What was pretty, pleasant music to listen to carried some pretty heavy racial connotations, and Mr. Belafonte, at least from here looking back, simply sang and played those songs as they had been written and sung for a century or so. One of the ones that still comes easily to my mind is called “Brown Skinned Girl, Stay home and Mind Baby”.

There were many others, but that one had a catchy tune and a pleasant sound to it so I remember it fairly well. I think that if you take a look at the music that propelled him to the charts in the sixties you’ll find that very little of what he sang would be acceptable today because of the overtly racial tones.

It is my pet theory that Mr. Belafonte is merely doing his best to erase that image he has and because it carried him to the heights it did, he feels he must atone for it by over the top rhetoric.

Guilty conscience is behind more wingnut political turnarounds than about any other reason.

Annette H. enjoyed the lighter moments:

Absolutely loved the paragraph on Gore. I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Thanks Doug. I really needed a good laugh this morning.

No problem, but finding humor in Al Gore is almost too easy, like shooting pasty fish in a pie pan.

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