Inside Karl Rove’s garage: The real story from the AP

How many of us have stood around the water cooler and wondered aloud, “I wonder what’s in Karl Rove’s garage?” I know I have.

The Associated Press, sensing an opportunity to fill an ever increasing public demand, has granted us the inside story of what exactly is in Karl Rove’s garage. Is that a box labeled “WMD” I see in there? This is great. It’s like Capone’s vault except with stuff in it.

The success of the AP’s future Pulitzer Prize winning story will lead to other hard hitting pieces: “Inside Karl Rove’s medicine cabinet”, “Karl Rove’s sock drawer: An expose”, and “Exclusive: Rove’s colonoscopy photos”, are forthcoming.

Photo of Karl Rove’s secret lair clearly shows a box, cunningly marked “fragile” (a word which, except for the “f” and the “g”, contains all the letters needed to spell “Valerie Plame”- coincidence? I think not), ladder for DNC surveillance, and bike for quick escape

What’s next for the Associate Press? “Karl Rove’s fridge: The inside story…”


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Author: Doug Powers

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