Thursday grab-bag: Delay mugged, Miers mauled, Van Halen shark jumps, and Hillary finally gets exposure on the Internet

Austin District Attorney Ronnie Earle achieves primary objective #1: Getting a mug shot of Tom Delay posted all over the place. Delay looks really upset about all this, doesn’t he?

I’m sure Earle was hoping for something more along the lines of Nick Nolte or Glen Campbell, but oh well. Maybe he’ll get a better mug shot after the next indictment.

From the New York Times, concerning Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers’ written answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee asked her to resubmit parts of her judicial questionnaire, saying various members had found her responses “inadequate,” “insufficient” and “insulting.”

“Inadequate, insufficient and insulting”? That criticism could only have come from the likes of Leahy, Biden, Kennedy, Feinstein, Schumer, and Durbin, who now have an ironclad lawsuit against Miers for copyright infringement.

Anybody want to be the new singer for Van Halen? Now’s your chance!

Et tu, Eddie?

Can’t get enough of Hillary Rodham Clinton? If you fit that description, then your name probably isn’t Bill, and there’s also a new website that keeps track of all things Hillary. It’s called Take a look at the “Hillary tracker” to see where Queen Carpetbagger is telling lies today, tomorrow, and next week.

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