"Catch me if you Ken": Exclusive border reports from our Texas Minuteman (updated)

Ken M., loyal reader, patriot, and Texan (pardon the redundancies) is heading off for another week with the Texas Minutemen to do a job that our government should be doing.

A few weeks ago, Ken graciously accepted my offer to write up some brief reports of his experiences for readers here. This is Ken’s email after heading off on another patrol “from si to shining si”. So far it’s been quiet, which can be attributed to the effectiveness of the effort.

Mucho tiredo, amigo. Spent 12 hours on the borderland peering through binoculars and my variable power spotting scope (20 to 60 power) but not a whole lot to report.

Illegal activity has slowed considerably, according to the Border Patrol, since the illegals don’t know where we are at any given time. Sort’a like the two Texas Rangers in the old days (true story) who stalled the Mexican Army at the Rio Grande because the Mexican army didn’t want to face even one of ’em!

There was a bit of Border Patrol activity on the Rio Grande levee, but we’re not sure what it was all about. One BP vehicle with two agents on board came by and the shot-gun rider leaned out the window and yelled, “We love you guys!” Politically, they’re not supposed to say that.

Two of our younger members (wearing body armor) climbed the levee (Mexico, 200 feet away) and saw a unit of the Mexican army on the opposite bank with a couple or three “potentials” up to their hips in the river. When Tim and Brian appeared, the opposite river-bank cleared.

I don’t want to make too much of a point of this because we don’t flaunt it in any way, and in fact, take pains to keep the “vigilante” aspect out of it; but we are well armed and we don’t care who knows it. Guns are kept out of sight, but easily accessable, and us “vigilantes” pray we don’t have to use ’em. More later.

Keep at ’em, Ken!

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