Your chance of being beaten to death by peace loving liberals is greater than ever

Aren’t conservatives were supposed to be the violent ones? Aren’t we the pro-war, pro capital punishment, knee-jerk fist wavers?

Then why have the past few years been chock full of more violent lib-speak than ever before?

This week, Al Franken’s been talking about the execution of President Bush, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby, and it’s become the stock material that he’s repeating from show to show.

In an video ad for Franken’s new book, the mock beating of a “conservative” is staged.

Oh sure, it’s only a “joke”, right? Of course it is, but isn’t it strange how the left’s sense of humor runs and hides whenever any political opponent tries their hand at being similarly “funny”.

It’s been going on for years, though.

It seems like only yesterday that the champion of non-violent liberalism, Alec Baldwin (inspiration for People for the Ethical Treatment of Alec Baldwin), said that Henry Hyde and the other House Managers, along with their families, should be stoned to death. Of course, Alec said it was “only a joke”. Hilarious.

Sometimes it even falls out of the “joke” category and into the just plain vitriolic bile section.

Peaceniks from Cindy Sheehan on down have implied, if not flat out said, that if the war is such a noble cause, then the Bush twins should be there dying like everybody else.

So, Casey Sheehan died “for nothing”, but if the Bush twins went and died, it would make what he died for more meaningful? That’s not anti-Bush or anti-war– it’s sadist. The common medical treatment for sadism is electric shock therapy, heavy meds, and a sound beating with a rubber hose. (Just a “joke” there)

Speaking of people I like to call “peace hawks”, Ward Churchill, leftist professor with hair that doubles as a national petrolium reserve, has said that U.S. military officers should be “fragged”, which basically means that their own troops should give them a hand grenade enema.

These pro-peace types can get pretty violent, can’t they? Not long ago, Churchill called people who died in the World Trade Centers “Little Eichmanns“. In other words, the capitalist pigs had it coming.

The list goes on, and so does the “joke”.

To the pro gun control Baldwin, there are only two instances where a gun should be used: 1) To make money in movies or 2) to protect vacuous Hollywood celebrities

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Author: Doug Powers

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