Countdown: White House braces for multiple indictments, Dems brace for multiple orgasms

The clock is ticking, the party hats and noisemakers are being distributed, and an extra crate of Jergens has been special ordered by congressional Democrats and the mainstream media.

It’s almost time for an inside-the-beltway yank-fest of epic proportions– well, at least since the DeLay indictment.

Rumor is that some high-level indictments could be coming Thursday, or even as early as today. Will it be Rove? Will it be Libby? Will it be anybody? Of course it will be. How can we expect to ever seek impeachment of Bush unless a nice little trail is created?

Rove, Scooter, and whoever else, need to remember the “DeLay lesson” of mugshots– smile.

Meanwhile, Special Council Patrick Fitzgerald is interviewing Valerie Plame’s neighbors to find out of any of them knew that she was a CIA agent. If her neighbors didn’t, it could be that some others did.

If it turns out that any of Plame’s collegues, friends, or neighbors knew about her “secret”, then she’ll end up as nothing more than a political version of a woman who wears a skimpy top but is shocked and angered when guys stare at her tits.

Back on track, what if Fitzgerald returns with no indictments? Fitz need not worry. Democrats will have no hard feelings, and they’ll still consider Fitzgerald a swingin’ kind of guy:


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