It’s “felt-up or raped by Bubba get in half-off” day at the Clinton Presidential Library

The Bill Clinton library unzipped its doors to let in Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey for a tour today. How apropos, though perhaps accidental, that this was done on “hump day”.

The library is on a 27 acre park, 21 of which are needed to house the Starr report.

The ladies’ tour began on the main level, where a timeline of Clinton’s presidency is displayed, wound through the “policy alcoves” and model of the Oval Office, and ended up out back by the dumpster in which Broaddrick and Willey’s reputations have been stuffed.

The women have also written a piece detailing exactly why they decided to take the tour of the library of the only president besides Kennedy to have ever been described as going “back, and to the left”. It’s certainly worth a read.

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library: Double-wide of the new millennium


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