Hillary Clinton calls for increased gas taxes due to high profits by oil companies, oil companies now to try their hand at cattle futures

You can put a mask on B.S., but it’s always the smell that’s a dead giveaway.

Hillary Clinton is proposing a similar “mask” on taxes, proposing $20 billion in new taxes per year on oil companies that would be used to fund research on clean energy.

Wait, did I say “tax”. No, no– it’s not going to be a “tax”, it’s going to be a “fund”. Whew!

The woman whose personality warms you like a nude plunge in the North Atlantic has information about her idea for a “Strategic Energy Fund” on her senate website. Here’s the general idea:

The Strategic Energy Fund proposed by Senator Clinton would help consumers cope with spiraling energy costs; promote adoption of existing clean energy and conservation technologies; and stimulate research and investment by the private sector. Senator Clinton recommended assessing the oil companies an alternative energy development fee to be put into the new Fund if companies decided not to on their own reinvest in our energy future. The Fund could generate as much as $20 billion a year to help with home heating oil costs and develop new energy strategies.

To create increased incentives for domestic manufacturers to produce more efficient cars, Senator Clinton called for the doubling of the current tax credits for advanced technology vehicles, such as hybrids and clean diesel cars and trucks. In addition, she asked the federal government to show some leadership and set the goal that by 2010, Washington replaces its fleet of government vehicles with fuel efficient cars and trucks. Tax credits will act as incentives for domestic manufacturers to produce more efficient cars, but the incentive for oil companies to come up with cleaner or alternate energy sources is to raise taxes on them to the tune of $20 billion a year?

Senator Clinton has been pushing the Bush administration to investigate gas price gouging, but Hillary cites huge oil company profits as reason enough to confiscate an extra $20 billion a year from them, which will undoubtedly be passed along to you and me. Talk about “gouging”.

Hey, how about “The Cattle Futures Fund”? Huge profits have been made in that area of business as well. Right Hil?

Hillary continued:

We are a nation of innovation, and we can achieve the goal of less dependence on oil. The results will not just fuel our cars, they will fuel our economy and stimulate potentially millions of new jobs. The energy revolution can be as big and important as the industrial revolution and the explosion of the information age. And I believe that with the right investments and incentives, America can lead that revolution,” Senator Clinton stated.

The government had as much a part in the industrial revolution and the boom of the information age as termites did in the construction of The White House.

Remember, a government that isn’t cutting taxes is only making an economic problem worse. There is one universal truth– a politician complaining about a bad economy is like the Menendez brothers whining about being orphans.

You’ll know when Hillary’s really serious about doing something to cut down on poisonous emissions, because she’ll stop talking.

This just in:

Exxon Mobil Corp. announces the posting of a new record for profit. This could push more people onto Hillary’s bogus “fund” bandwagon (hybrid, clean burning, good mileage), where, if she’s successful, they can sit back and watch as gas prices go up even more.

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Author: Doug Powers

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