Nominatus interruptus: Harriet Miers pulls out

It’s official: the Bush presidency is now under more stress than Ted Kennedy’s inseam.

The woman President Bush nominiated to replace Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers, has withdrawn her nomination. It’s hard to tell who’s laughing louder– Democrats, or conservatives like Buchanan, Kristol, Krauthammer, and others.

I wasn’t particularly one of the angry conservatives who popped up after Miers’ nomination, but I’m also not terribly disappointed that Miers withdrew, either. Much of that has to do with how this is all being explained.

Miers’ reasoning in her withdraw letter to the president, was that members of the Senate would have sought documents concerning her service in the White House, which Miers felt would violate attorney/client privilege.

What the Senate would want to see? These are the things that need to be thought of way in advance, and since I’m sure that neither Miers or anyone on Bush’s team are that incredibly short-sighted, I must conclude that this is only an excuse and not the reason for the withdrawl. But whether Miers jumped out the window or was pushed out doesn’t really matter now– either way, she’s down on the sidewalk.

Many conservatives are thrilled because they didn’t think Miers was A) qualified, and B) conservative enough to be on the Court. Liberals are no doubt ecstatic because this makes it look as though Bush picked a crony who couldn’t handle the heat, casting doubts on Bush’s decision-making abilities.

The Democrats House Minority Leader, Harry Reid, is blaming “radical right wing Republicans” for the Miers withdrawl. Reid seems upset, so maybe this isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Then there are conservatives like my friend Joseph Farah over at WorldNetDaily, who predicted (“guaranteed” more like) that Miers would withdrawl. This prediction was made on October 13th, but Farah’s reasoning for his assertion was an interesting one. This reasoning, however, falls victom to what I wrote about earlier, which is that the Senate digging into Miers’ White House and Texas dealings would have surely been planned for in advance by the Bush people… wouldn’t it?

Now the mad tinfoil-hatters are already out there, claiming that Bush intended for this to happen from the git-go. The claim is that Bush wanted a “middle of the road” type who would fail, establishing that he isn’t into ideological litmus tests, and then after the withdrawl of that person and everybody having let down their guard, picking a far right conservative justice. Not likely. There’s a better chance that John Kerry married Teresa for love and not money than there is of any of this being on purpose.

The next couple of days may finally grant the mainstream media their much sought after Bush-bashing trifecta: The 2,000th death in Iraq, the Miers nomination is withdrawn, and probably indictments of members of the Bush administration. Make no mistake– it’s like V-J Day for Dubya haters.

During the celebration, maybe Bush can slip by a really conservative justice. Hey, maybe he did do all that on purpose.

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Author: Doug Powers

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