Our Minuteman checks in

Here’s the latest from Ken down on the Texas/Mexico border:

Six weeks ago, I couldn’t spell “Minuteman”…now I ARE one! Sunburned, tired and full of good cheer, another day passes in the borderland. Today, my partner (Marvelous Marvin, from Dallas) and I spent our time dang-smack on the banks of the Rio Grande maybe 100 feet from Mexico.

A fairly trepidatious site, since folks have been shot at from south of the border, including the Border Patrol. Apparently, though, we are doing some good things. A Border Patrolman stopped to chat with us and, although I cannot identify him by name as per his request, he told us (off the record) that he and his fellow agents love us being there.

More interestingly, he also informed us that, since this operation began on October first, the normal illegal traffic has dropped to less than half! And we’re just a handful of fired-up, rompin’ stompin’ wildcat American citizens! But…you won’t see that in the media.

Here are a couple of pictures our man at the border sent in. Ken’s in the lonestar shirt, and the other person is Marvin. You really get an idea of the expanse of the area they’re dealing with.


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Author: Doug Powers

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