A couple of last minute love letters about last week's Air America column

Doing a little cleaning up of the e-mailbag after a busy week in preparation for yet another one, and some late emails have continued to trickle in about last Monday’s column, “Air America: Al’s quiet on the eastern front“.

This from “Torr Leonard”, under the subject line “Idiotic”:

Just wanted to write to let you know that your article on Air America was idiotic, pompous and has no basis in reality as the listenership for the station is and has been growing steadily.

A guy named “Torr” is calling me idiotic? Like I wrote, I hope Air America works. I really do. It’ll shut up all the “fairness doctrine” pinheads, at least for a while. AA’s problem is cash. There isn’t any, and what there is has been a borderline disaster, and would have killed them if the liberal mainstream press would have wanted to report it. Borrowing money from kids’ charities that are now bankrupt isn’t what a hugely successful “ratings giant” does, is it?

Mark F. weighed in:

I listen to Air America all the time, daily, for hours on end. And when I’m done, I listen to NPR, read Harper’s and some good fiction. I am an independent voter and a believer in capitalism and democracy; I own 2 small businesses and am taxed to the hilt to my chagrin. I believe war is sometimes necessary. I don’t have a tree-hugging-bed-wetting-age-of-aquarius-I’m-a-victim-it-takes-village mentality as you may assume. I am not a member of the ACLU, PETA or NORML and couldn’t care less if kids pray in school or not. But Air America is just flat-out better and more listenable than Rush and the rest of them.

That probably freaks you out doesn’t it? Let me tell you: There are a lot of us 19th Century Liberals out there. You want to believe that liberal is a dirty word and that all who gladly accept that label are socialists, homosexuals and Francophiles. You want to believe in the facile, cartoon version of liberal as someone willing to be maced in the face to prove a point.

It’s easier for you; I understand. Just as it may be easy for me to see all conservatives as self-righteous, un-American, fascist, bigoted, Jesus-freaks with magnetized ribbons donning their SUVs. But, I know that isn’t true. Be careful in your assumptions.

Self-righteous, un-American, fascist, bigoted Jesus freaks? Hey, we’re not un-American!

I realize there are a lot of 19th century liberals out there. Their problem is that this is the 21st century.

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Author: Doug Powers

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