Some selections from today’s e-mailbag about the Prince Charles/Islam column

Today’s column, “The Prince and the Yawpers“, has brought in some quick feedback, and some people aren’t too happy (it’s Monday, give it time, kids). Here are a few selections:

Frank B says:

If you “think” that we should slaughter millions of people who have done us no harm because their governments “harbor Muslim terrorists” then you are no different, morally, than the terrorists who paint all Westerners with the same brush. That arrogant and immoral mindset is a perfect example of why many hate us.

I didn’t say that. I said that to not react in that way, given the heat of the emotions shortly after 9/11, took remarkable restraint. Besides, freedom is the example of why they hate us, not the method of our self defense.

To put it into perspective though, I’ve gotten more angry email about picking on Prince Charles’ ears than I have for what could be interpreted as a jocular call for nuclear armageddon.

Dottie M. from Texas says:

Who cares what Charles says, does or believes. He certainly is no bright example of morality.

On now to Fred B., who I’ve offended so badly that the bug is forever scared to leave of his ass:

I am a regular reader of WND and I generally don’t read your columns as I find them offensive, but today I did and was sorry. Even Al Franken and the worst of the liberal crowd would not stoop so low to make an attack on someones ears. What does that have to do with the subject matter? Your comment is very offensive and not worthy of WND.

Sorry Fred. I shouldn’t have picked on Charles’ ears– especially when his nose is so big.

Ralph Z.:

Aren’t those contradictory terms? If the “Millions” of Muslims were truly peace loving, why won’t they turn in the ones who use their Mosques to plan violence against anyone who does not agree with them? Why is it that a Christian in a Muslim Country, who states that Mohammad was not a prophet of God, can be stabbed to death in public view, and the murderer is applauded by the courts and community for the murder because the Christian had blasphemed? Why is it that any land that Muslims control, they start threatening any other religions and normally start destroying their churches?

To any Muslim I have this to say. Words speak and make noise, but actions speak a lot louder and I see none from them.

Robert B. says…

What a delightful article! Thank you. But do have just a little sympathy for Charles. He’s a clueless drone with nothing better to do with his time.

Oh yeah? He could get is ears fixed. (sorry, Fred)

Lawrence M. chimed in (original spelling, grammar left intact):

I would like to accept your story about the prince and his philosophy of the muslins, but my problem is the fact that the muslims have a doctrine that allow them to kill me because I not of there belief? They have an unusual ideal that they are better at governing the world than we are because Christians have an inferior belief. Sorry Mr. Powers, I don’t accept the ideology that muslins are peaceful in their religion.

Annette H. offers my favorite of the dozens of responses so far:

Give me a break. It’s too bad he couldn’t show that same support for his 1st wife Diana whom he hated.

By the way, Happy Halloween everybody! Once again this year, I’m going as Helen Thomas, so this is what the kids will see when they ring my bell and the door opens:

If that picture isn’t scary enough, John R. (aka “Splashman”) suggested the USA Today version of Helen Thomas (eyes “sharpened for clarity” as they did with Condoleezza Rice):


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