Greenpeace's "SS Irony" heads back to port, Madonna left guru-less, and CBS apologizes… again

A few bits of news to kick off a Tuesday:

CBS reporter John Roberts, as well as the network, has apologized after Roberts asked White House spokesman Scott McClellan if Bush’s new Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito, was “sloppy seconds” to Harriet Miers.

Gee, if Alito is “sloppy seconds”, I wonder how Bob Schieffer must feel.

–The Kabbalah guru who persuaded Madonna to make a pilgrimage to Israel last year has been arrested for extorting thousands of dollars from a dying cancer victim. The guru, Shaul Youdkevitch, probably has a dicey future in the cult, but not to worry Shaul, a career as the business manager for Air America awaits.

–In the Sulu Bay, south of the Philippines, a Greenpeace ship was in the area to oppose environmental damage when it rammed and destroyed a coral reef. Greenpeace will pay about $7,000 in damages. That’s an awful lot of aromatherapy candles to sell door-to-door and “buck a shot” fundraisers at nitrous-oxide tents at “Rage Against the Machine” concerts that will be required to make up for that much money.

By the way, the Greenpeace ship that ruined the reef was called the “Rainbow Warrior II”. In case you’re wondering whatever happened to the first “Rainbow Warrior” ship, here you go:


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