Krazy Kustody Dayz for Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin

This is one custody battle that’s going to be fought in a divorce court fully stocked with straight-jackets, corked forks and Nerf bats.

Actress Kim Basinger and a favorite of this space, actor/activist/nutcase Alec Baldwin, are fighting for custody of their child. Both sides are accusing the other of having severe emotional problems. Is it possible for a judge to say, “you’re both right”?

The couple was married in 1993, and separated around the time Kim saw Alec in Thomas the Tank Engine. Coincidence? I think not.

In case you’ve forgotten, in 2000, Baldwin said he’d leave the country if Bush were elected (as did many other liars). Baldwin never did leave the country, but Basinger must have been horrendously confused by Alec’s promise, because when she heard that Bush was elected, she left Alec.

“Alec to mother ship, Alec to mother ship. She’s accusing me of being crazy. What to do. Please advise. Over.”


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Author: Doug Powers

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