Rosa Parks forced to give up her seat for camera hogs, and other observations from today’s funeral

Late this morning, I tuned into WJR radio in Detroit, which was carrying the Rosa Parks funeral ceremony live beginning at 11 a.m. It ended some seven hours later. Here are some things that crossed my mind during the day.

–Rosa Parks is to be admired because she never allowed herself to be carted around like a sideshow act by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and so many others to whom minority poverty and desperation is a tradable commodity. Sure she worked for congressman John Conyers, a major symptom of why Detroit sucks so bad, but she was never a puppet for anybody.

–Jesse Jackson honored Parks’ memory by bashing George W. Bush for choosing pro-life conservatives for the Supreme Court, then used terms like “innocent unborn” in his eulogy/stump speech. What’ll it be, Jesse? Live babies or dead babies? Pick one and run with it.

Hillary and Bill almost accidentally kissed. Such was the level of grief on this day. Even the Reuters people couldn’t believe it. Note the caption for that picture: “Former President Bill Clinton leans toward his wife”. Whew, that was close!

–As someone who’s not quite 40-years-old yet, it’s almost impossible for me to imagine a time when a white man could have gotten on a bus, simply glared at a black person, and expected them to give up their seat. John Kerry’s attendance somehow brought that era to life. Don’t ask me how or why.

Barack Obama said, “If it weren’t for Rosa Parks, I wouldn’t be here today.” Of course not– nobody in their right mind would go to Detroit on a Wednesday in November for no reason.

–The funeral was originally scheduled for three hours, but ran seven hours. Did Clinton delay the thing so he could get another haircut or something? Maybe there should be a law against any funeral running longer than the life of the person being mourned.

For the most part, it was a great ceremony for an historic woman, but there were parts of the service where I couldn’t help but think that if Rosa were still with us, she’d feel as if she were, once again, being asked to give up her seat– but this time, for camera hogs.

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Author: Doug Powers

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