One if by land, two if by si: Quick update from Ken on the Texas/Mexico border

Ken, our Minuteman-in-the-field, sent this in earlier:

Going out in the morning with several El Paso Minutemen to maintain our visibility on the border. We’ve (hopefully) arranged a meeting with some of El Paso County sheriff’s deputies, and possibly, the sheriff himself.

Here’s the problem: Michael Chertoff was in the area a few days ago and claimed he didn’t know that Texas Minutemen were on the border. The Mexicans knew it; we cut their activity by 51%. What we’re going to look at tomorrow is a foot-bridge across the Rio Grande, discovered by us.

As I understand the story, (and confirmation will follow) one of us saw the bridge and installed some barbed wire on our side of the river to block illegals from using it. Apparently, Chertoff saw the razor-wire and ordered the Border Patrol to remove it!

We’ll wait for confirmation on the Chertoff story, but speculating for a moment, if he did order the barbed wire removed, it was probably simply a fit of bureaucratic prudence. Illegals crossing and running into the barbed wire will have their skin cut quite badly, making that much more free medical care the rest of us will have to finance.

To some, removal of the barbed wire didn’t make the crossing easier for illegals– it saved taxpayer dollars and stress on an already overburdoned health care system.

Thanks for the update!

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