Iran offers to organize "fact finding commission" on French riots — in other news, my dog has agreed to investigate why my steak is missing

Iran’s Association of Muslim Journalists sees some “serious civil rights violations” happening due to the rioting in France, which is going on week two, and seems to be spreading rather than subsiding.

Are the victims of these “civil rights violations” innocent people who are having gasoline thrown on them and being set on fire by rioters, or having their cars burned and property destroyed? Oh no. The violations are against the Muslims who are rioting. Huh?

This particular civil rights movement has claimed its first life, after a man died after the bus he was in was set on fire by civil rights marchers.

What can be done about this? Tehran wants to form a “fact finding commission” with the French government, apparently in an effort to find a way to make France’s non-muslim population, as well as their cars, less flammable.

A firefighter attempts to extinguish the civil right of a rioter


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